The Kovno Ghetto.



The Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania


Lietukis Garage, Death Dealer of Kaunas


The Kovno ghetto was created by Nazis to hold the Jews who lived in Lithuania’s second largest city Kaunas. The Nazis did not have to round up the Jews of Lithuania. No, local anti-Semitic partisans performed that task themselves. So their neighbors rounded them up, and forced them into the old middle ages fortifications that ringed the city.


When the SS showed up it was the Einsatzgruppen, special SS commandoes who went into towns behind the Wehrmacht to mundify the area of anyone not deemed worthy of life: Jews, Gypsies, partisans, Communists, people with developmental disabilities, and so forth.


The Einsatzgruppen came in and began to execute huge chunks of the Jewish population. One day they took 1800 Jews including 180 children and forced them into a ghetto hospital and burned them alive in it.


The brutality is unspeakable. One survivor noted how horrified she was to see her son ‘tossed into the truck like a puppy.’


“At around one in the afternoon after several dozen Jews had been assembled in the yard, the Lithuanians set upon them with clubs and iron bars. They battered them until they were senseless and then, as the victims lay prostrate on the ground they set upon them with hosepipes (usually used to wash cars) which they forced up their rectums and then turned the water on and left it on until the victims’ bowels burst under the pressure. I stood at the side of the yard and watched it all together with my friend Ricardas. I will never forget what I saw for as long as I live.”


–       Vytautas Petkevicius


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