The Most Shameful Map In History. These Are The Countries That Tortured People At Our Behest.

CIA Rendition Map

Source: Washington Post

Ten years ago today, over 300,000 troops under US command made a surprise invasion of a country without a declaration of war. In the subsequent years we watched a bloody insurgency erupt and blossom into a low level civil war. We did this at the behest of our government that sold us a casus beli that was unconfirmed and oft disputed: that Saddam had nuclear and chemical weaponry and he was ready to use them or supply others who would use them. We watched over the worst parts of the insurgency as a clever and undeterred enemy used cellphones and unguarded munitions  to kill Coalition soldiers, film the attacks and promulgate them through social media networks.

And when the world economy collapsed in part due to the bill we were running up we watched as veterans once again populated our hospitals and clinics and our streets, and suffer.

During the occupation we watched as the once rock hard US principles of fairness and humanity were overturned at Abu Gharaib. You could waterboard someone because a lawyer said it wasn’t torture. Under this President the systematic torture of prisoners has stopped, but it is still US policy, poorly veiled behind some dubious legal opinions, and sticks to our hands like blood. We spent two trillion dollars with no plan to pay for the war. It resulted in 4200 American deaths, 32,000 wounded, and thousands wounded grievously. No two institutions can agree on the exact death toll for Iraqis but we can agree that seeing 160,000 people perish in a violent horrifying moment is a cost no one on the US media talked about very much. They still don’t talk about it very much. And my guess is that few Americans know how many Iraqis died yesterday in internecine conflict in a country that is still a bloody mess.

The US media completely and fully and utterly disappointed. Since the invasion the pretense of fair and balanced reporting on any channel is a funny notion. The war was sold to us. Complete with logos and post scored theme music. The shame we felt of “Shock and Awe” rendered as theater to a world audience while we patted our selves on the back and watched in real time the terrifying bombing of the Iraqi capitol, with little regard to the innocents.

Today, we know that there were no nukes. There were no chemical weapons. Three teams, one more competent than the next found no smoking guns, in a land quite literally filled with smoking guns.

Today Iraqi has shown more strength and resiliency and one can argue really not much more violent than the United States is. But the cost of this war was far higher than the results are worth. We botched the occupation. And the fact is we were lied to.

And they got away with it.


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  1. Bucky Goldstein

    From the Open Society Report:

    25. Iran
    Iran was involved in the capture and transfer of individuals subjected to CIA secret
    detention. In March 2002, the Iranian government transferred fifteen individuals
    to the government of Afghanistan, which in turn transferred ten of these individuals
    to the U.S. government.1103 At least six of those transferred to U.S. custody
    were held in secret CIA detention in Afghanistan.1104 These six individuals included
    Hussein Almerfedi, Tawfik al-Bihani, Wesam Abdulrahman Ahmed al-Deemawi
    (Wassam al-Ourdoni), Rafiq al-Hami, Walid Shahir al-Qadasi, and Aminullah Baryalai
    Tukhi.1105 Iran’s transfer occurred as part of a detainee exchange.1106 Because
    the hand-over happened soon after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, Iran was
    aware that the United States would have effective control over any detainees
    handed over to Afghan authorities. Amin al-Yafia, another individual believed to
    have been captured in Iran, in 2002, may have been subsequently held in CIA custody.
    1107 Yafia’s whereabouts are unknown.1108 See the detainee list in Section IV.

  2. I was never ‘for’ the war on Iraq. To me it was a war that we didn’t need, much less afford. The war in Afghanistan however, that was something else entirely. Anyone captured and detained should have been made to talk by any means necessary. Water boarding, whatever!! If it means getting the information that saves lives here at home, then its ok with me.

  3. Don’t agree. We can’t become what we decry. There are other, better ways to win. Also disagree on the Afhganistan mission which completely disintegrated. It was too expensive. We could not stop the Taliban and we had a series of cascading failures… lost Allies support, lost Marja and the Korengal Valley, both places where we spent blood and billions to try and tame the Graveyard of Empires.

  4. Other better ways to win…..But we lost those provenances you just mentioned, then it sounds like we had no chance to win in the ‘graveyard’ of empires. They gave us no other options, you fly planes into buildings? That takes a special type of mindset that would have to be broken to probe whats inside.

  5. But why go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan in response to a group of Saudi Arabians who flew airplanes into American buildings? That takes some pretty unique American thinking!

    It would be like Anerica declaring war against Thailand and New Zealand as a result of Pearl Harbour.

    What the hell does Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction have to do with Saudi Arabians flying planes into buildings?

    That’s like France going to war with the United States because it has weapons of mass destruction (1500 nuclear missiles) as a response to a group of Muslims from Belgium shooting 100 people at a rock concert in Paris!

    That sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it! What country wouod be so dumb as to think like that?

    Well, maybe the following question might answer that.

    Did you know that the top American university courses in advanced mathematics, experimental physics, technological innovation, computer science, nano-technology, biomechanics, etcetera, etcetera are filled mostly with students from outside of the United States (some courses having 100% foreign students) because Americans are too dumb to get into those courses?

    But a nation of people can’t be more stupid than all other nations. Only the KKK, Alt-Right and White Supremacists would think like that. No, the reason Americans are too dumb to get into their own top university courses is because the US has one of the worst education systems in the world.

    And why is that?

    Because those who make the most money in the US need a population stupid enough to let them make that amount of money. It’s because US gun manufacturers need the American population to be stupid enough to buy vast quanities of guns, while ignoring the fact that more children in the US die from bullets fired by Americans than by terrorists.

    In fact America is the only country where it’s normal for children to die by going to school. Why? Because America is the only country to give its population the right to bear arms. Or to put it another way, the right for all citizens to own weapons which cause more deaths in America than weapons of mass destruction do, by around 10,000 per cent.

    Indeed, more sane Americans than all the insane people in the world believe that their governent should put in place a system of laws that would protect the life of every foetus, but then allow them to be shot once they are born, especially if they are at school.

    This is why all the insane people in the world think it’s wrong that they are the ones called “crazy”!

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