The Panzerhaubitze III/IV Hummel

by Daniel Russ on April 25, 2013

The Panzerhaubitze III/IV Hummel



¬¬The Panzerhaubitze III/IV Hummel


­­The Panzerhaubitze III/IV Hummel or Armored Howitzer III/IV “Bumble Bee”) was the last many German anti tank assault guns used to bolster Panzer force projection. Placed on the chassis of a Mark IV Panzer, the gun was a 150 mm howitzer made by Krupp. This gun as almost as big as US artillery gun tubes during Vietnam. It was inferior to the Soviet 122mm gun at the time and it was inferior to the 152 mm Soviet howitzer. Six Hummels were supposed to be attached to a Panzergrenadier division. It was big enough to take to the battlefield and this assault gun saw action on all fronts. The Hummel was also exported to Finland and Czechoslovakia and even China before WWII. The Germans made about 6000 of these.


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Louis September 26, 2017 at 10:06 am

The Hummel might have killed tanks, but it was anything but a Tank-Destroyer. In fact it was the self-propelled artillery of the Panzer-, and Panzer Grenadier divisions. Like the Priest was for the US Armored divisions. And the armor was more against small-arms fire. As can be seen from the pictures, most of its fire-missions would have been Indirect Fire, in support of attacking or defending Panzer Grenadiers, or Panzer (tanks). This gun, together with its little sister, the Wespe (wasp, with a 105mm gun\howitzer) was the weapon that saved many a division during a soviet breakthrough, as the German artillery on the East front was much better than the Soviet one, and much more responsive on a fluid battlefield.

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