Prison Born American Martial Arts




52 Hand Blocks, Brick City Rock, Comstock Style, Stato. These are the names of martial arts that were developed inside Amercan Prisons. It’s not hard to believe that our over-bloated, cruel and unusual prison system would stuff so many people into jail they eventually create robust cultures where martial arts are born.

Characteristics of the arts are distinctive. 52 Hands is characterized by lots of boxing techniques, plenty of close in maneuvering, striking with elbows and shoulders and knees. Brick City Rock is characterized by hard hammering blows. Few of these arts develop powerful kicking unless it’s stomping a victim on the ground. This is probably because prison fighting is by nature a  close in event with little room to maneuver. These martial arts are preserved in their original for on You Tube, despite the fact that few of them have forms.

Professor Tom Green at Texas A&M wrote an essay about the combat styles entitled “Freeing the Afrikan Mind: the Role of Martial Arts in Contemporary African American Cultural Nationalism”.

52 Hands itself refers to 52 blocking techniques. In a place where you could be attack for nothing at anytime, defensive posturing reigns.


Source: HipHop Music tracks, wiki



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  1. Patrick Thrasybule

    Just so you know Brick City Rock (BCR) is not “characterized by hard hammering blows”.

    you could employ a hard punching style within it’s frame work. but what makes BCR,..BCR, is it’s shifting foot-work.

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