In World War II, Firebombing Was A Much More Efficient Way Of Destroying Cities Than Nukes.

by Daniel Russ on March 12, 2013

Hamburg Bombing


Hamburg After The Firebombing


At the behest of Sir Arthur Travers Harris, the British air chief who advanced the notion of strategic bombing, the United States joined the Royal Air Force in massive bombing raids on the Axis forces. Despite the tremendous destructive power of the nuclear weaponry, nothing seems to have done more damage to Japanese and German targets than old fashioned fired. The 1,700 tons of incendiaries unleashed on Tokyo on March 9th and 10th 1945 killed 100,000 people, destroyed 286,000 buildings, and made injured or homeless an additional 1,000,000 people. With no special scientists housed in a secret desert hideaway, B-29s dropped firebombs and the wood and paper that comprised so much of the Japanese infrastructure just burned.


The chief difference between the nukes we dropped on Japan and the incendiaries we dropped was simply the amount of time it took for the city to be razed. In a firebombing, the raids might have taken place over a weeks time as they did when the Allied air forces bombed Hamburg in July 1943. In an atomic blast, the force effect is over in about an hour, and the rest is poison. The Hamburg bombings killed 43000 citizens and added another 35,000 wounded. Hamburg as it existed before World War II was gone. In both German and Japanese cities, firebombing raids created windstorms that sucked materials and victims into feed the fire.


The more I look at the evidence, the most it seems like atomic bombs of World War II were really no more destructive than the conventional bombs.


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Louis September 26, 2017 at 4:39 am

Ah, but they gave so much more destrution, for so little effort. One bomb(er) can do the work that needed a thousand or more before. Think of the efficiency! And armies (at least, modern armies) like to be as efficient as possible when doing their business (ie: killing the other people(s))
Please be aware that this is either my sarcasme or irony (not sure which one) speaking here.

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