KIng Peggy. How An Administrative Assistant In DC Became A Ruler Of Her Own Country.

Queen Peggy


King Peggy, Ruler of Otuam


Peggielene Bartels was born in Takoradi, Ghana, in 1953. She migrated to the United States, and became an American citizen in 1997. One night in 2008 she went to bed in her modest one DC condo just a humble administrative assistant at the Ghanian Embassy. At 4 in the morning, she received a phone call from a distant cousin living on Otuam, a village on the coast of Africa.

A relative who served as a king to the 7000 people who lived in the coastal African fishing village had perished. This left her as the sole survivor and ruler, or King if you will, of the village. The offer was made, and after some time, she decided to accept.

Bartels decided that they really needed her and she spends only a month out of the year, using her vacation and sick time from her work in DC to rule. In her condo, she does the dishes, the cooking, the cleaning the shopping and she drives herself. In Ghana, she is festooned with robes and bears a scepter and crown. They cook, they clean, they bow.

 “I have to ask them not to bow,” she commented. But she is a real administrator, trying to help improve the lives of the people in the impoverished village.

Author Eleanor Herman, and Will Smith and Queen Latifah are going to make her movie.


Source: CNN International




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