Why Do We Keep Doing This?


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As Americans we have access to amazing amounts of information. Much of it is very important. Inside the information are the keys to facts of the world, if not explicit facts, then tacit facts. The unfortunate proclivity of people is that if we have to work too hard to get to the truth then we simply will not. It isn’t all that hard to find the truth about this country and what we do well and what we don’t do well. It’s just there is a limited amount of time in our lives and there is a definite attempt to hide the corruption and perfidy in this country.


So it bothers me that some very important stories Americans miss almost entirely. Because there is so much information pouring forth, news doesn’t really make an impression unless it has a certain critical mass of awareness. If it doesn’t trend, it becomes a sideline.


Recently we learned from the New York Times, from BBC and from Le Monde, that the Obama Administration launched an anti terror program in North Africa that backfired. US anti terrorist agents trained Malian troops in weaponry, border patrol, ambush and so forth. We spent almost $1 million doing this. 


The ever confident Obama counter terrorism team trained the proud nomadic Tuaregs in counter terrorism. We armed them. Trained them. Equipped them. And in one night, all of them, two or three thousand Tuaregs defected and joined the Islamists. With them went the high tech equipment, the weapons, the knowledge of how we fight, the Malian government subsequently overthrown by Capt. Amadou Sanogo, an American trained counter terrorist.  Also what went was any hope for stability in northwest Africa. The French military has decided to step in militarily on its own and push back jihadists. 


Does anyone remember the Mujahadeen, and that we trained them as well? We armed them too. We feted them at the Whitehouse and on magazine cover. We gave them Stinger missiles and they shot almost five entire Soviet attack squadrons out of the sky. And after we left, they turned into the most right wing nutcase religious fanatics people have ever seen.


Does anyone remember the Afghan Army trained and vetted by the US? They have turned and killed hundreds of US and coalition soldiers, in fact, producing 60% of the coalition casualties. They inflicted those mortal wounds with weapons we entrusted to them. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal revealed that an Afghan airline had been transfering the bulk of the opium shipments to Tajikistan. You know, the Afghan airline industry that we “freed” from the Taliban.




Why does the United States keep arming people who have no loyalty to us? America suffers from the Fox News Disease. People who have not really been to another country, speak no foreign languages and have no understanding of other cultures sit and lecture us about foreign policy. Then we believe that we understand the nuances of another country because we heard an opinion on AM talk radio.  It is with this dullness of mind, and naivete, and utter arrogance that we move around the world and have no idea how people really regard us. We have no idea how angry the world is at us.



It might help also if the press would concentrate on something other than lying athletes and Kim Kardashian’s ass.






Mujahadeen Using US Stinger Missiles




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