Stone Age Weapons Defeat Modern Oil Companies.





The Kichwa tribe inhabits a tiny spit of land in the scheme of the things, in the shadow of all that there is on the Earth, about 70,000 hectares on Sani Isla Island in Ecuadorian Amazon. About 25% of Kichwa territory lies in Yasuni National Park. These are people who have lived here for along time and have dressed the same way for centuries. They are mostly quiet people proud of their heritage and their images populate travel guides around the world in any reference to South America.


This place is the most bio diverse place on Earth and it has been under attack by scouts hired by Petroamazonas who of course want to exploit the natural resources. The keep the scouts at bay, locals have borrowed from their neighbors and predecessors, the local tribes who fought with blowguns and rocks and sticks. That said, oil company scouts are being pelted with darts and rocks and sticks. 


The scouts have disappeared.


The Kichwa have been using stone age weapons to stop modern oil companies from despoiling Paradise.


There is a God.


Source: UK Guardian




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