George Cayley’s Helicopter, 1842.

by Daniel Russ on March 16, 2013

George Cayley's Helicopter 1842

George Cayley’s Helicopter 1842



George Cayley's Helicopter 1842


George Cayley of England actually developed a helicopter. He also developed a glider that sent a man aloft on the first flight test.


Four rotors spinning opened into eight rotors, four that provided lift, four that provided forward momentum. The four rotating wings opened out into eight blades for lifting, but became fixed surfaces for forward flight, with propulsion by two four-bladed propellers. What we have of proof is mostly drawings, I have yet to see evidence of an actual flying prototype that is more substantial than anecdotal evidence. If it’s true, then he would have preceded the Wright Brothers by 60 years. The year was 1842.


Source:, Wikipedia, Aviastar



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