France’s Shadow War In Mali.

by Daniel Russ on January 17, 2013

malian commando leader


Imagine a shadow war on the African continent between Islamic radicals who have taken over a republic with deep ties to France. Now, imagine that the war so far has no US involvement.

Or does it?

Well, the new liberal French president has just ordered one of the largest most secretive military interventions in recent French history and of course, no one is really talking about it. French President Francoise Hollande said the operation would last as long as necessary.

Previously the US and French were both training and arming the Malian government as Al Quaida insurgents began a coordinated series of attacks on the Mali government in order to establish a redoubt for its own reasons. However a coup this lst year left the US legally unable to render military aid, and so it looks like the French have stepped in to stop the advance of the Arabists.

This is the second time in three years the French pushed Islamists out. The first was the steady push to oust Ghaddafi.

The newest shadow war pitting western troops against Islamic radicals has begun. Except this one doesn’t feature any American forces, robots or warplanes. At least, not right this second.


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