It’s Finally Here. The Laser That Can Shoot Down Airborne Objects From Your Patio.

by Daniel Russ on January 21, 2013


Rheinmetall’s 50kW Laser.


Well we knew this was coming. The laser beam weapon that we see in science fiction movies from post World War II Japan to present day. Science doesn’t always march forward. Sometimes it lurches forward in huge vast steps. Sometimes it crawls imperceptibly, like the weapons manufacturers have been doing in the last five decades. There were formidable problems that had to be solved before laser weapons were really ready for the battlefield beyond tracking and targeting. Many technical problems still exist. Powering optical lasers is difficult, most of the ABL is in fact the battery pack. But incremental improvements in tracking, operating in blinding light, power output increases while emitter size drops, all these advances helped make this moment go by with a yawn.


So Reinmetall conducted an impressive demonstration of its new 50kW high-energy weapon. It tracked and destroyed targets replicating nose down attacks as if from missiles and attacks from mortars. The weapons cut through a 1.5 cm steel girder in the air in flight and it also hit an 8cm steel ball moving 50 meters per second.


This is not field ready. They Rheinmetal knows they have to increase the output before larger military grade weapons can be knocked down.  But there is a schedule for that. well, the flying cars wilbe preempted by the mounted laser weapon for sure.


The one interesting point about its design is how much it looks like your dad’s giant eight burner twin propane patio grill rig. They should call it the Grillmaster.



Source: Rheinmetall Defence



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