The Frantisek Novak No.1, A Helicopter Built In 1913.



Frantisek Novak No.1



You know you are dealing with a rare aircraft when you cannot even find a reference to it in Wikipedia. This is all I can find of this helicopter that was supposedly built ten years after Kitty Hawk. Wow.


In fact, I have recently discovered that there were hundreds of aircraft developed between 1903 and 1913. It just shows that an idea, once injected into the colloquial inventors, the masses of imagineers and tinkerers and inventors and entrepreneurs and dreamers and scientists glom onto a notion and nurture it. They cavil at it, peck at it, glue things together until it’s in the air.


That’s how it goes.


Please send information or links on this aircraft of you have them.



Source: Wikipedia.







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