The Bratukhin Omega An Early Soviet Rotorcraft

by Daniel Russ on January 12, 2013


Bratukhin Omega



Bratukhin Omega



Bratukhin Omega



The Bratukhin Omega was a helicopter, the first new rotorcraft product of a Soviet design bureau. The intent was to develop a workable rotary-wing aircraft as a transport, or a gun platform or a reconnaissance platform. Bratukhin’s design was a side-by-side twin rotor machine, with each rotor carried on a truss. The rotors, each 23 feet long, were powered by separate engines at the end of the truss.

Tests began and the aircraft flew fairly well. After 30 minutes of flight, engine vibration became a problem. The engine also tended to overheat, but the data collected at this “mistake” led the Soviets forward. The Omega climbed to 700 feet and flew 116 miles per hour.


In 1941, the Soviets moved on.






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