The Amazing Terracotta Army

Terra cotta warriors



Terra cotta warriors



On Mount Lishan in 1974 farmers stumbled upon these pits that were up to 18 feet deep and featurd life sized Chinese soldiers, chariots, and horses. The Emporer Qin Shi Hangdi fashioned them, 8000 of them, and built an entire necropolis meticulously appointed with offices, storage rooms and hallways.


No two soldiers are exactly alike. They most likely created 8 templated faces, and then added or subtracted clay to make the soldier look like a real person. They vary in heighth depending on age, rank, and position within the army.


The soldiers are around 2500 years old. Once they each carried actual weapons, but they were later purloined. Many are still in place. They include battle-axes, spears, swords, shields and crossbows. Many of them are covered in chromium oxide, an anti rust agent that has protected them for 2000 years. Originally they were painted and quite brightly, sometimes covered with lacquer as well.


A travelling exhibit is shown all over the world.


Terra Cotta Cavalry


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