The Riga Massacres.

by Daniel Russ on January 5, 2013



Jews Marched To Their Deaths At Riga


In the first six months of their occupation of Latvia, the Germans and their collaborators worked to rid the country of the Jews who lived there. There were around 95,000 Jews in Latvia and less than 10,000 survived this pogrom. Encouraged to perpetrate violence upon their Jewish neighbors, the worst and the least of Latvia did so with joy. Jews were raped, tortured, burned inside synagogues, murdered, and chased into the nearby countryside where locals hunted them.


Some 30,000 were placed into a single ghetto.  Other ghettos and mass shootings around Riga took place. Almost all of the Jews who were not shot died in captivity under the harshest conditions.


Souce: Wiki, The Holocaust Chronicle. Publications International LTD. Louis Weber and numerous contributors. 2003.





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