Babi Yar. One Of The Grimmest Days In Human History.

by Daniel Russ on January 8, 2013



Paul Blobel

Paul Blobel


The Einsatzgruppen or special task force was a division of the SS that followed behind the German Army and murdered anyone that didn’t fit into a set of tightly prescripted requirements. One could not be Communist. One could not be Bolshevik. One could not be related to Russian officials. One could not have developmental problems. One could not be Jewish or Gypsy or a partisan or even suspected of any of the above.


The group operating when the Germans took Kiev was Sonderkommando 4a of Einsatsgruppen C, which had carried out numerous atrocities in the Ukraine around 1941. When the Germans occupied Kiev, partisans set explosives that went off and killed German soldiers at the army headquarters, Jews were blamed.


Paul Blobel was the commander of this group that told the Jews in Kiev that they would be resettled in another area. Under threat of death 33,771 Jews were marched to Babi Yar and on September 29th and 3th each of them was stripped and shot. Jews had to lay naked on cadavers in giant pits and shot to death in the back of the head. Bodies were layered over each other this way.


Men, women and children were not spared. 


Babi Yar Memorial

Babi Yar Memorial

Paul Blobel was hung in 1951 after his conviction at Nuremburg.



Source: Wiki, The Holocaust Chronicle.Publications International LTD., Louis Weber and large team of contributors.


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