Iron Dome, The Real Winner Of The latest Gaza-Israeli Clash.

by Daniel Russ on November 27, 2012

Iron Dome Radar And Launch Vehicle.



Iron Dome Radar And Launch Vehicle.


Barzel Cipat, or Iron Hat (Iron Dome) is an all weather air defense system designed to intercept short range missiles and rockets up to 45 miles away. This includes the Grads fired by Gazans and the homemade unguided Qassams. Raphael Advanced Defense Systems developed the system with the help of $205,000,000 US dollars funded by the Obama Administration.


If there has been any winner in the latest Gaza/Israel clash, it is Iron Dome.


It calculates first whether the missile or rocket is worth intercepting. It calculated it’s landing position. It is is slated to land in the middle of an unoccupied field, it doesn’t intercept. If it’s trajectory is calculated to bring it into a populated area, the Iron Dome fires. On live targets heading to populated areas, it is claiming 80% accuracy.




Source: Youtube and Reuters




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