The Day Lincoln Was Almost Hit By A Sniper.


Abraham Lincoln at Antietam


In 1864, once again the Shenandoah Valley was filled with the throaty echoes of cannon fire as a Confederate force once again muscled its way towards Western Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Jubal Early almost brought a massed cavalry regiment into Washington but was intimidated by the formidable Union earthworks backed off on an assault, looking for another way around. A few hours later, reinforcements arrived and the defensive lines stabilized.


The next day President Lincoln visited VI Corps at Fort Stevens commanded by General Horatio G. Wright. He immediately climbed up on a parapet to see the battlefield. A sniper immediately took down a Union physician standing next to the President. Wright and Oliver Wendell Holmes both shouted at Lincoln: “Get down you fool.”



Source: The Civil War Times, Vicksburg To Appomattox. Davis/Wiley. Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers. 1998




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