Another CIA Veteran Come Out Claiming Roswell Was A Real Event.

Chase Brandon


Chase Brandon



The thing about Chase Brandon is that, if what he claims about his own service is true then he would be about the most senior CIA retiree to speak publically about Roswell. It is something I have written about He worked for the CIA for 35 years and 25 of those years were in Clandestine Service, working on counter terrorism, narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. Brandon trained CIA agents in paramilitary operations and spy tactics.


Of course in the Youtuby world of Disclousre – or the subculture that believes the US government will one day do a major Mea Culpa on knowing much more about Roswell, and other arcane but true facts about the existence of extraterrestrials – this could be looked at as a sort of precursor to disclosure.


To me it’s just another collop of evidence that someone with a credible backstory is asserting that Roswell was a real event.


Based on what he claims to have seen in the box, Brandon stated unequivocally: “100 percent, guaranteed… Roswell happened. There was a craft, absolutely cadavers,” but added, “Beyond that, I have no idea where anything else went.”


“I’m not reluctant to talk about it — I won’t talk about it. I’m telling you there was a box that had stuff in there having to do with Roswell, and I looked through it, and it validated everything I believed in, and that’s all I have to say about it. I will go to my grave being mindful of the two hats that I wear: My personal one and the one that will forever reside on my head as a former CIA officer.”





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