Roman Jewelry Discovered In Japanese Tomb.

by Daniel Russ on December 29, 2012

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Glass Bead Ornament Found In Ancient Japanese Tomb.


In Fifth Century Japan, in what was deemed a “Utukushi” burial mound in Nagaoka, near Kyoto, researchers have discovered something remarable. They a collection of delicate glass beads about fve millimeter in diameter, some in the shape of wheels or flower buds. Scientists in japan say that the glass was made with natron, a substance used by Roman craftsmen during the ancient Empire between the first and fourth centuries.





Roman craftsmen would place layer upon layer of glass over a glass globule, sometimes sandwiching in layers of gold and create a bead with a hole in the middle. This was a great way to build up the tiny ornament into a beautiful bead.




Source: Japantimes





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