Perhaps The Most Embarrassing Thing A Pilot Could Ever Do.

Ioannis Metxas


Ioannis Metxas


Ioannis Metaxas was a Greek general and Prime Minister who served early during World War II. Metaxas began as a civil ruler and transformed into a dictator. He was also a pilot and once during an inspection of an airbase off the coast, he was invited to fly the new flying boat.


Metaxas took the flying boat into the air and maneuvered around, impressed by its handling. He came in towards the landing strip and the tower controller called and reminded him: “Sir, remember you are flying a boat so it would be better to put the plane into the water.”


At the last second, Metaxas changed course and successfully put the plane into the water and taxied in to the dock. He got on the radio and said: “Thank you for not letting me be a complete idiot.”


He then stepped out of the plane and into the sea.


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