The Ubiquitous Bicorne Hat.

The Bircorne Hat



We see it in every great daredevil swashbuckling movie out of the 1950s. We see it in paintings in history books.


It is the bicorne hat.


The father of the bicorne was the tricorne, or three cornered hat. But the bicorne emerged throughout history as the iconic headgear for European naval leadership. The admirals and captains of the late middle ages had adopted this unusual hat ubiquitously throughout the fleets of the largest navies. It had a broad brim with front and rear haves turned up and pinned together. Mostly the hat was worn “fore and aft” or front of back evenly. The fan shaped hat could be worn at a strategic angle, “athwart” as they called it and during the late 18th century it was quite the fashion. Sea faring officers were a high caste of people in a caste structured Victorian society. Fashion mattered.


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Napoleon’s Bircorne Hat


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  1. As Victoria hadn’t even been born at the time that Bicorns were in fashion I would not call this a Victorian society. As a matter of fact, most historians now consider the Victorian era to be the first era, in which the (upper) middle class made itself felt in both economy, politics, finance, and the military.
    And again, the late middle ages is up till 1500, and this is clearly what historians call late early modern europe say 1600 -1850

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