Pirate Mothership defeated by lowly transport ship.

Rotterdam Class Amphibious Transport Dock



I long ago stopped doing news items but I couldn’t help talk about this. I have often written about asymmetrical warfare and this is an example of what happens when a renegade low tech high chutzpah organization comes across a vastly superior military force.


This last Wednesday, a Pirate “mother” ship was destroyed by an amphibious transport vessel.


The Rotterdam class amphibious warship was created out of a joint Spanish and Dutch initiative. It acts as a transport for a number of configurations of maritime combat rotorcraft, troop transports, on site emergency medical operations, or supplies. It even has a desalinization capability where it can turn seawater into drinking water. The Rotterdam is lightly armed with two Goalkeeper CIWS and four 20mm machine guns. Consider that since it carries heavily armed helicopters, it is quite well armed.


That said, the Rotterdam was about to board and inspects the Pirate Dhow when it opened fire on them. The Dutch transport returned fire and set the Dhow ablaze.


Rescue operations captured a number of pirates.


Dhow, Pirate Mothership ablaze


Dhow, Pirate Mothership ablaze

Source: Wiki




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