Soviet Armored Train Design.

Soviet Armored Train Design


Soviet Armored Train Design

Here is an armored vehicle that protects itself and the rest of the train cars behind it from attacks. It also turns a train into a mighty gun platform. The designer wanted to mount three 76mm self loading cannons, two 45mm auto loader anti tank guns, two remotely controlled anti aircraft guns, and twelve heavy machine guns. This diesel-powered juggernaut never went from the paper to the tracks. But what they planned was pretty lethal at least in concept. Although I can’t imagine all this armament would have stopped a strafing fighter from the air.


This I found at the, an online punk culture site.






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  1. The Soviets did use a lot of armoured trains before and during WWII, and quite a lot of them had premade turrets of KV1 and T34 tanks. And they did have quite a lot of AA-guns and machine guns.
    Also, blowing up the tracks would stop this one quite easily.

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