Military Anecdote Of The Day. The Abolitionist In England.

by Daniel Russ on October 9, 2012

Henry Ward Beecher,Firebrand abolitionist

Henry Ward Beecher


Henry Ward Beecher was a firebrand abolitionist and provocateur. On a trip to England in an attempt to rally British support for the Northern cause, Beecher ran into hecklers. The British were probably enjoying the schadenfreude when the rebellious “colonies” were imploding in a bloody civil war. They were also enjoying the generous and important cotton trade with the Confederate States. In Manchester a man yelled out “why didn’t you whip them in 60 days as you said you would?” Bleecher retorted: “Because we found we had Americans to fight, not Englishmen.”


Ba da  Bing!



Source: The Little Brown Book of Anmecdotes by Clifton Fadiman. Little Brown Books, 1985.


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