Astronauts Criticize Obama’s NASA Budget.

by Daniel Russ on November 17, 2012


Gene Cernan



Gene Cernan, Commander of Apollo 17 had this to say about Obama’s NASA budget:


“For The United States, the leading space faring nation for nearly half a century, to be without carriage to low Earth orbit and with no human exploration capability to go beyond Earth orbit for an indeterminate time into the future, destines our nation to become one of second or even third rate stature. While the President’s plan envisages humans traveling away from Earth and perhaps toward Mars at some time in the future, the lack of developed rockets and spacecraft will assure that ability will not be available for many years. “



 Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11 had this to say before he died criticizing the shortsighted budget cutting around NASA.


“When President Obama finally released his budget for NASA he proposed a slight increase in funding… the accompanying decision to cancel the Constellation program, its Ares 1 and Ares V rockets, and the Orion spacecraft, is devastating.”


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