One Of The Most Significant UFO Sightings In History.

B-52 Radarscope Photo Indicating UFO


B-52 Radarscope Photo Indicating UFO


Nuclear Weapons were wielded by three portions of the United States military during the Cold War. The Navy carried nukes on submarines and the US Army operated fixed silos. The third leg of the nuclear triad was the Strategic Air Command that carried nukes in the air 24/7 for the entire duration of the Cold War. Nuclear weapons were mostly just gravity bombs with sophisticated timers and ground radar detonating systems. Often the delivery systems were fast burner jets like the B-58 Hustler or the B-47 Stratojet. The idea was to enter enemy airspace with such speed that the intruder could drop the bomb over the target and be of sufficient altitude that by the time interceptors were scrambled, the intruders would have egressed.


A culture of anti-Communist paranoia and mutually and rapidly expanding nuclear technology created a fertile ground for speculation about the origin and intentions of UFOs. Were they Russian technology? Were beings from some other domain watching us?  Were extraterrestrials interested in us because we had crossed the nuclear threshold?


In the early hours of the 24th of October 1968, a Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile base was deep into training operations at Minot Air Force Base. Massive B-52H bombers were inbound after 10 hours in the air, refueling, practicing navigation, and other systems. On the way in, the tower authorities asked them to change course and look for something in the air. “What are we looking for?” one pilot asked. “You’ll know when you see it.”



Apparently they did see it.



A UFO raced in towards the bombers at 3000 miles per hour and dead stopped at the wingtip where it then paced the bombers for about 20 minutes. Sometimes it disappeared off radarscopes and sometimes it plainly reappeared. Radio contact was iffy during the UFO contact as well. This went on for three hours. It was remarkable that the radar scopes had positive contact the of the UFO, and it corresponded to crew observations as well. The UFO unnerved the crews and the tower radar operators.



B-52H at Minot Air Base, part of the 91st Bomber Wing


                           B-52H at Minot



Transcript of UFO Sighting


Pilot Testimony About UFO Sighting.
                                                                   Pilot Testimony About UFO Sighting.





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