Arms And Armor Is Now Permanent Display Featured At The Met.

by Daniel Russ on October 6, 2012

French Knight's Armor French Knight’s Armor at the Met



Bashford Dean “In 1904 Bashford Dean was a guest curator at the Met, organizing a large collection of armor the museum had purchased from the Duc de Dino; in 1906 he became an honorary (unpaid) curator, and in 1912, without giving up ichthyology, he went to work for the Met full time.” NYT



“The most striking piece is a dragon’s head helmet made for Henry II of France when he was dauphin, with bat ears, protruding eyebrows and an enormous snail-like snout. It looks like something from the bar scene in “Star Wars.’”-NYT



“16th-century armor of George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, are etched, embossed, blued or gilded over every square inch, so that they look almost more like fabric than metal.”- NYT

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Louis September 19, 2017 at 8:58 am

That last one was made for spectacles like tourneys and parades. Definitly not to be worn on the battlefield.

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