The Helicopter That Almost Was

by Daniel Russ on September 25, 2009




The VH-71 Kestrel is a variant of theAgustaWestland AW101 (formerly EH101), that was being developed to replace the USMC Marine One Presidential transport fleet. It was being produced by the Lockheed-Martin led “US101 Team” of Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego, AgustaWestland and Bell.

The projected total cost of the 28 helicopters planned under the program is over $13 billion. In February 2009, President Obama asked Secretary of Defense Robert Gates about placing the project on hold or canceling it because of its high cost.In June 2009, the US Navy announced that the contract has been terminated and funds will be reinvested in upgrades to the existing fleet of VH-3Dand VH-60N helicopters.

Source: Wikipedia


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