Harvey Alan Russ, United States Army Veteran, Passes At 65.


Harvey Alan Russ
Harvey Alan Russ



Harvey Alan Russ, (8/1/47-9/22/12) a veteran of the US Army, died of a sudden heart attack Saturday in his home in Canton, Georgia. He is survived by his brothers Barry and Daniel and his sister Estelle who resides in Jerusalem, and his wife Ann, and his stepson Don.



Harvey was the oldest son of Marvin Edward Russ and Irene Weider Russ; I have written about both of them here before. He was born in Germany in the US Army 488th Field Hospital and raised in DeKalb County, Georgia. After he turned 18, Harvey joined the United States Army. He trained in artillery in Fort Sills Oklahoma. After receiving hearing damage in an artillery training drill, he was transferred out to Signal Corps where he trained as an audio engineer. (Yes, Hearing Damage, therefore Signal Corps ) He was intermittently stationed in Germany, in Fort Monmouth New Jersey, and in Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.



Harvey was a poor student, who could nonetheless always figure out the answer. He had his own kind of genius in fixing things. Wherever he was his whole life his most comfortable domain was a vast room somewhere filled with the half working detritus of a dozen different technologies: computers, dye casts, presses, test equipment, reloading presses, tools tools and tools. When he came out of the Army in his cramped  shitty little apartment on Curtis Drive in Atlanta he cobbled together a lamp that turned on and off when he whistled. Not exactly The Clapper, but the same idea, only twenty years earlier and with no royalties. He could reach into a machine, or turn on your computer, and just fix it. That was his genius. Kudos to the Army for fulfilling the promise of the marketing campaign to Be All You Can Be. The Army was a pretty good bet for Harvey, he emerged with marketable skills that he built upon his whole life.



Harvey loved to laugh, to entertain, to eat, to cook, and to make people comfortable. He could not tell a joke to save his life. He really was the worst joke teller of all times. But you loved him so much for ploughing through it anyway. Harvey was patriotic, conservative, a lover of animals, an outdoors enthusiast, a skilled gunsmith and marksman; and a dear dear person to all around him. He worked with the Boy Scouts of America and was loved by all for his affability. He was also extremely generous and when friends needed help, he showed up. He will be so sorely missed.


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  1. Daniel pretty much defines who Harvey was. It’s so much harder to define his impact on the people he knew. Harvey and Ann moved into our quiet little neighborhood a year after we got here. There is no way I can put into words how much richer my life has been since that day. If you needed something and he had it, it was gladly yours. If he was busy with a part of his career, or a personal interest, he’d somehow make time for you. His great knowledge of so many things made him an asset to any group. There’s an immense void now where Harvey used to be.
    David and Larissa

  2. Harvey surely will be missed. Harvey was my guiding light, and my guardian angel. Never yet have I met anyone so giving of himself. It was Harvey that taught me how to be an effective Scout Leader. He had a passion for watching our youth make Eagle rank. His borrowed quote of his wonderful wife Ann ” It aint camp if it aint damp”, kept us going on many trips when I would ask my friend why are we not going home. His response was always one to direct my attention to the boys in our troop. Harvey has touched the hearts of many and there will be tales told of his presence with many, many smiles. Harvey we miss you. Once you get your tent set up look down from heaven and giude us straight.
    Your friend,

  3. April and Bob Quin

    Harvey – will always be my best friend – since 1970 – when we bonded as neighbors – we took care of each other – when food or money was low – we shared what we had – colds, flue and those once in awhile blue days – I have never in my life met anyone as kind – generious – or as fourth coming a soul as his – And when he married Ann – he found the love of his life – the two of them are so like each other – He will missed always – but never forgotten – Across endless reaches his journey begins – there is no strife – tis but the beginning of another life – My Dearest Friend – (ag) April and Bob

  4. The three Russ brothers all made Black Belt with us in our studio in Atlanta. Harvey later worked with us in training kids and adults. He was always giving and he helped so many of our students–a really good man.

  5. Harvey was a good friend and mentor. I met him at Woodruff Scout Reservation and have kept in touch with him and Ann throughout the years. I will say the world is a bit less without him on it.

  6. I was shocked and saddened to hear about Harvey. I worked in the Human Resource Office at Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital in Rome, GA. He was one of most genteel men I ever had the pleasure of working with. He never, ever complained about having to come back downstairs…again…to work on my computer and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. So few like him in the workplace this day and age. Prayers and blessings to all of Harvey’s family.

  7. Harvey was a friend, a colleague, a confidant, a technical mentor/resource and above all such a down to earth and friendly guy. I will miss meeting him for lunch, as he showed off his knowledge of Chinese, and miss talking to him about all things, especially his jokes and southern colloqialisms, many of which he had explain to me. He was a most valued member of our Team at State Government and IBM, and he will always be remembered and missed.

    Jay and Varsha Mistry

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