The Ling Tempco Vought XC-142










During the race for jet combat aircraft there was also a race for rotorcraft as well. If not rotorcraft, at leats for V/STOL aircraft. One of the oddest stories is the one about a tilt rotor plane that performed really well in tests and still lost most of its official and corporate sponsorship. The Today’s Tilt Wheel V-22 Osprey is proof that it can take decades to work the kinks put of radical flight airframes. That said, there were two tragic peacetime crashes of the V-22 this year alone, but apparently it has enough friends to keep it out of trouble.


The SC-142 was part of the Tri- Service Assault Transport program, a way to move troops to theater of operations for the Army, Marine and Air Force. The first flights on September 19th 1964 were the first of 488 flights. A few hard landings and wing shaft problems the Navy removed its support.


The last remaining XC-142 is at the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum.




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