The Day Sugar Ray Robinson Killed Welterweight Jimmy Doyle.

by Daniel Russ on October 26, 2012

Sugar Ray Robinson Knocks Out Jimmy Doyle


Sugar Ray Robinson Knocks Out Jimmy Doyle



It was 1947 when Irish American pugilist managed to get a fight with Sugar Ray Robinson, the world Welterweight champion. It must be mentioned that there are people like me who consider Sugar Ray Robinson one of the top ten boxers of all time. If you get a chance, watch the KO highlight reel I embedded into this post. When Sugar Ray closed in on you, he unleashed a merciless rock hard flurry of shots that just took people apart.


On September 25, 1947, during a match with Sugar Ray, Doyle was behind in all of the first six rounds and managed to stun Sugar Ray in the seventh and eighth round.  A solid left hook in the next round put Doyle out. He was unconscious in the dressing room and taken to St Vincent’s Charity Hospital in Cleveland. He never regained consciousness. He had, by the way, previously received head traumas in earlier matches. Wil Haygood , Robinson’s biographer noted that Doyle was tying to “buy his mother a house, and after Doyle’s death in 1947, Robinson gave the earnings of his next four fights to Doyle’s mother, so she could buy that house.”


Criminal charges were threatened against Robinson but were never filed.



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Money April 8, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Wow that is crazy. SRR is the greatest of his time though.

p.s Mayweather would whoop that ass.\\

just sayin..

BigT202 April 14, 2013 at 1:55 am

The guy who said Mayweather would “whoop that ass” is so ignorant when it comes to the sweet science, he shouldn’t even speak about it… Sugar Ray Robinson is DEFINITELY top 5 pound for pound and in my opinion he is the best ever pound for pound . Mayweather isn’t even close to guys like Armstrong, Greb, Pep, and Walker as well as the pound for pound king Sugar Ray Robinson. I could go for a longggggg time before Mayweather junior comes up in the discussion for all time pound for pound supremity

Daniel Russ April 14, 2013 at 11:06 am

You know, one day about twenty years ago, I watched a program that purportedly matched Mohammed Ali with Graziano and a “computer” predicted that Graziano would win.

If Graziano and Ali ever signed to fight, Ali would destroy him psychologically before he ever stepped foot into the ring. No “computer” could calculated this. I mean it’s a tough one comparing current and past athletes. It’s all guess work and intuition.

Thanks for the visit.

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