The Corkscrew Tank.

Corkscrew Tank


Corkscrew Tank


Here is one of the funniest success stories I have ever read in military technology. The Russians were extremely creative, if not always elegant. I mean there was no fahrfegnugen in a Russian tank. Essentially a poor country, their engineering was embedded with a deep sense of practicality. The Russians were also painfully aware of the challenges their immense country posed to engineers and technology. For one thing the Soviet Union had about every kind of geographic feature available on Earth. Steppes, plains, mountains, marshland, tall grass, thick forest, rocky, deserts, tundra, artic, shoreline, you name it.


So it wasn’t a big stretch to see that a corkscrew might be a great was to propel a vehicle over a wide variety of challenging terrains. The corkscrew tank did not have a suspension. It traveled sideways. Or any direction that physics forced it to travel.



One of the funniest comments about it on You Tube was “This Is Why Russian Dogs Don’t Chase Russian Cars.”






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