The Kayaba Ka1 Auto Gyro, Japan’s First Helicopter.

The Kayaba Ka1 Auto Gyro
The Kayaba Ka1 Auto Gyro


Kayaba-Ka-1 autogyro


The Kayaba Ka-1 autogyro was the first armed machine of the autogyro/helicopter family to have been used in warfare. After seeing the 1939 US Kellet KD-1 single engine two seat auto gyro, the Japanese were keen to develop this as an artillery spotter. The Kayaba engineering team bought the American autogyrine and reverse engineered it into the Kayaba Ka1.


Kayabas were launched off of carriers and used to lay 60 kg mines and carry ammunition. the Japanese Army commissioned the light escort carrier Akitsu Maru to configure the Kayaba Ka1 to carry depth charges as well.


Sources: Vehibase and Wikipedia




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  1. Please, an Autogiro is anything but a helicopter. It is in fact a VSTOL plane, with rotary wings. A helicopter is airbrone by the power of her engine which is applied to the rotors, and which then provides lift. An autogiro has a normal engine, and propellor. This propellor moves the plane forward, and this forward motion makes the rotors turn, which then provide lift, and makes the plane fly.

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