Baltic Sea Artifact Probably Nazi Radar Jamming Technology.

by Daniel Russ on September 29, 2012

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Baltic Sea Object Baltic Sea Object


So there is an artifact in the Baltic Sea that looks like a UFO.


Experts however think it is was structure that was meant to interfere with enemy radar. Perhaps it could cause a submarine or a surface ship to crash. If so it would certainly be an experimental weapon. The idea that it is a UFO is borne of its shape. However it is less than 100 meters from the surface and appears to be of terrestrial origin.


Drawing Of Baltic Sea Artifact Drawing Of Baltic Sea Artifact


“The circle is 80 meters deep. The object as above is circular and has a diameter of 60 meters and It looks like a staircase to the left based on the divers’ videos and other observations. Our studies show that the object is separated from the bottom. It is located on a ridge or a hill, with steep slopes on the sides. During the last expedition it was confirmed that there is a wedge formed gap between the upper part (the circle) and the lower part (foundation/pillar).

However, if the two parts are completely separated or if the upper part and the lower part are the same object has not been clarified.”

Source: Oxford online


And there is this from the



“Divers exploring a ‘UFO-shaped’ object in the Baltic sea say that the strange, curved object might be a Nazi device lost beneath the waves since the end of the Second World War.

Sonar scans have shown that the device, raised 10ft above the seabed and measuring 200ft by 25ft, could be the base of an anti-submarine weapon.

The weapon was built with wire mesh which could have baffled submarine radar, leading enemy craft to crash – much in the same way as turning out a lighthouse could be used as a weapon against shipping.

But now former Swedish naval officer and WWII expert Anders Autellus has revealed that the structure – measuring 200ft by 25ft – could be the base of a device designed to block British and Russian submarine movements in the area.

The huge steel-and-concrete structure could be one of the most important historical finds in years.

Autellus claims it would have been built of double-skinned concrete and reinforced with wire mesh to baffle radar – which could explain why the dive team’s equipment repeatedly failed near the mystery object.”



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