Three Important Independent Small Technology Companies Are Critical For The Curiosity Rover.

by Daniel Russ on September 15, 2012

Mars Curiosity Rover

Mars Curiosity Rover


InXitu is a company out of California that uses X-ray beams to identify materials. This will be part of the Curiosity Rover’s Materials Lab.

Honeybee Robotics

Founded by 1983 by Stephen Gorevan and Chris Chapman, the Manhattan-based Honeybee Robotics the sample manipulations system and a dust cleaning system for The Curiosity Rover. Honeybee Robotics also had technology on board the 2003 MER mission and the Phoenix Mission.

Litespeed Bicycles

A company called Litespeed Bicycles, developed the titanium wheel suspension arms for the Mars Curiosity Rover. The arms have “the strength and precision to maneuver the 73-pound turret at the end of the arm accurately enough to deliver an asprin tablet into a thimble.”


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