2 thoughts on “Photo Of Jimmy Hendrix, 101 Airborne, US Army Ranger.”

  1. he was not a ranger ,never went to ranger school ,just barely made jump school. was not in long enough to go to ranger school ,with his attitude ,,,this picture ,is just a basic army uniform ,nothing special. if so ,he would have ranger tab ,and no where in hell ,in the ranger school is his name or ranger picture with class. you have to graud, that. he did not ,.just a basic soldier.someone needs to get ther story stra,in of his fellow soldiers ,back in the day ,just passed away ,CSM Leroy Thompson..i knew very well ,I served under him ,at the same barracks ,jimie hindrix lived.in the hall to rooms was ,jimmies picture ,and it had been ordered up ,by Leroy ,.was still there when I left 2/503rd ,that was the unit jimmie was in ,under the screaming eagles at Campbell. 101st airborne.

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