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Would Be Cadets at Afghan National Army Academy





How a victory in the field for the Aghan Army will appear in the Presidential debate.


I can sum this up in a single news item. Apparently, an Afghan citizen wrote a poem in praise of the Afghan Security Forces we have been training.


It looks like the Afghan Army has not only held its own on its own but it won hearts and minds of its fellow Afghanis. Americans overwhelmingly are exhausted with the American portion of the ISAF mission, which, by the ay always seems like America does the lion’s share of the work.


(From the NYT) Afghan police and commandos were in the forefront of the 18-hour gun battle which erupted on the streets of Kabul after militants attacked several locations in the city on 15 April. Two Afghan soldiers and 17 militants were killed.


Nato was quick to point to the role played by local forces as evidence of their increasing capability.


International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) commander John Allen said he was proud of the response.


“They were on scene immediately, well-led and well-coordinated. They integrated their efforts, helped protect their fellow citizens and largely kept the insurgents contained.”



If I were a betting man, I would guess that when we pull out, this force will crumble. I also bet that as soon as Mitt Romney hears of this, he’ll make the argument that just as the Afghan Army is starting to win, we will pull out. Of course, anyone who thinks Afghanistan is ever going to look like a democracy is living in their own heads. So no, this will probably not last after we leave. It will however be a talking point for generations to come.



Source: BBC


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