USS Iowa Decommissioned.

by Daniel Russ on June 2, 2012



USS Iowa Firing Big Guns

USS Iowa


She had nine 16 inch guns, twenty 5 inch guns, eighty 40mm anti aircraft batteries, forty-nine 20 mm cannons. She was 45,000 displaced tons, 887 feet long, 108 feet wide, and carried 2637 crew and 151 officers. She was the lead vessel of her kind and the only Iowa class battleship ever to participate in World War II in the Atlantic theater of operations. The Iowa saw action at Pelleilu, Saipan, Marianna Islands, Tinian, Guam, Formosa, Luzon, and she saw action during the Korean War as well. In the late eighties, she was taken out of the mothball Navy and recommissioned.


Source: NYT, CNN, BBC



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