Sergeant George Linsdsey, USAF, Played “Goober” On Andy Griffith, Has Died At 83.

George Lindsey
George Lindsey

George Lindsey, 12/7/1935 to 5/6/2012 played Goober Beasley on Andy Griffith, and spent twenty years on Hee Haw. He also starred in comedies like Cannonball Run. Herbie the Love Bug, C.H.I.P.S., and did numerous voice overs as well.


Lindsey was born and raised in Alabama and lived in Nashville when he passed yesterday. He styled his beanie cap in Andy Griffith on the felt hats he wore as a gas station attendant in Alabama. He did theater in school and had a knack for comedy.


Lindsey spent three years in the Air Force and almost all of his time was at Pinecastle Base in Orlando. There he served as Recreational Director.



Source: Knoxville Online


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