Great World War II Era Footage Of Pro Boxer And Judoka Teaching US Soldiers How To Fight

by Daniel Russ on July 3, 2012


“Lessons in Boxing from Mike Gibbons (Former & Late Middleweight Boxing Champion of 1909), Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith (3rd degree jujutsu (judo) master), and how to fight with and against the bayonet. “



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Tom Militello January 26, 2014 at 6:46 am

Does anyone have documented proof of the 2nd and 3rd Dan rankings achieved by Capt. Smith? There is ample proof of his Shodan being awarded in Japan, but shortly after the award of Black Belt rank Capt. Smith appears in America, and is given a Captains commission. Thereafter, I have no evidence of his higher promotions or even his belonging to, or working out with, any Judo organization. All replies will be treated quite seriously, as Capt. Smith was one man ahead of his time. Thank you, Tom

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