The C-15TA Otter Light Reconnaissance Vehicle.

by Daniel Russ on July 1, 2012

C-15STA Otter Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

C-15TA Otter

The C15TA was used by Canadian, British, Belgian and Dutch authorities as an armored personnel carrier and an ambulance. It was a General Motors Candian Division project. About 550 were manufactured in Ontario and for almost the next twenty years they saw some service.


The C-15TA Otter Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

The C-15TA


Sten Boye Poulsen Poulsen, a former driver of one of these vehicles in the signal corp writes; “then I met it the first time. Served 3 months as crew-member and 9 months as driver. That was in 1963/64. Driving the C15TA was – and still is – hard work and it is still a beast to drive. Poor view and to make matters worse; right hand steering.”


Source: Denmark Military Equipment


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