The Maresal Romanian Anti Tank Gun

by Daniel Russ on May 14, 2012

The Maresal

The Maresal


This thing should have worked. Like so many weapons systems before it, it simply needed the budgets, the time, the political atmosphere to let it happen. The idea itself was quite robust. A self propelled sloped armor anti tank gun, the size of which was planned to be a 120 mm howitzer. It was also very cool looking.



The idea didn’t catch fire. The idea itself gave the Germans the idea to mount a 75mm gun on the Czech 38T chassis and create the Hertzer.



But the Maresal prototypes had some gun carriage problems and a smaller gun was tried instead. Two in fact were tried. But the Russian 75mm Resita M1943 gun outperformed the German 75mm Pak 40 gun. The Romanians ordered 1000 to be built but the construction was cancelled when the Red Army liberated Romania.


The Maresal Anti Tank Gun

The Maresal



The Maresal Anti Tank Gun

The Maresal


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Dr.Mihu April 10, 2014 at 3:51 pm

The M-05 was a brilliant idea.The German “Hetzer” was almost similar, but had a better construction basis, and a great war industry behind it.
The gun 75 mm was the Resita ( Resita is Romanian!!), the plate also, and was in conception superior to the “Hetzer” because it needed only a crew of 2
and the gunwas placed centrally.
The idea of casematte tank was not new, but in this light mobile form with very low silhouette it was something special.
The Swedish Stridvagn is inspired by this kind of Panzerjäger with very low silhouette.

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