The Sturmgeschutz III, AKA Stug.

by Daniel Russ on April 25, 2012

Few people realize that Germany, known to have produced an adamantine armored force, also produced armored vehicles rarely talked about or ever the subject of films. Germany produced tens of thousands of self-propelled anti-tank guns. In yesterday’s post, we discussed the Jagd 38t, other wise known as the Hetzer. The Germans built less than 3000 Hetzers. However they built 9408 Stugs, or Sturmgeschutz III self propelled artillery.  All told, Germany produced more of these armored fighting vehicles than any panzer tank.


The Stug Self Propelled Gun

The Stug


The Stug was a low profile, medium armored, high velocity 75 mm gun on a Panzer III chassis. At first it was built as a gun to support infantry operations against fortifications. So the Wehrmacht wasn’t sure whether this gun would be travelling with and under the purview of artillery units. At the end of the day it was used as an anti-tank gun that sat on the periphery of battlefields and picked off enemy tanks. The 75mm gun could destroy any tank in the Allied portfolio of armor. The Germans also continuously improved the design by introducing increasingly larger and higher power guns in later models.


The Stug Self Propelled Gun

The Stug


The Stug Self Porpelled Gun

The Stug


Sources: Military Channel, Wiki, Achtung Panzer


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Louis September 12, 2017 at 6:36 am

The last photo is of STUGs in sevice with the Finns. They were sold to Finland in 1943 I believe, and some where still in service in the 1960’s.

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