The Canadian Tank That Never Saw Battle.

by Daniel Russ on April 24, 2012

The Canadian M3 Ram III

The Canadian M3 Ram Tank


The 5 man crew Cruiser Ram II came late. It was in the field towards the end of World War II. But it travelled at 40 kilometers an hour and sported a 57mm, or 6 pounder main cannon. It had a high profile for its day and missed combat completely. Newer tank models were coming online faster than the Canadians could figure out the best way to manufacture this tank. They ended up making over 1000 of them but most were donated to the Dutch or other smaller European countries. The Canadians adopted the M4 Sherman and the Centurion by the time the Korean War started.


Canadian Cruiser Ram II

Canadian Cruiser Ram II



Canadian Cruiser Ram II

Canadian Cruiser Ram II


Source: Wiki, BZ’s Bovington Tank Museum


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Louis September 12, 2017 at 6:34 am

The dutch got rid of them also, after they proved to be hard to maintian, and they were “given” centurions by the americans in 1950.

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