Samnite Body Armor.

Samnite armor
Samnite Helmet

Samnites lived in south central Italy region of south or south and central Italy in Roman times, in a territory around the Appenines. The Samnites were the first robust competition for the early Roman Republic. They wore armored body plates, carried round eliptical shields and wielded a spear and a curved blade knife. They were a warrior people and fought three major wars against the Romans. Here are examples of their helmets and bronze shields and body armor. They were highly influenced by the Greek metallurgists, and featured wings and often high crests not unlike the helmets of Hoplites.


Samnite Body Armor
Samnite Body Armor


Samnite Bronze Attic Helmet
Samnite Attic Helmet


Samnite Body Armor
Samnite Body Armor, Breast Plate, Shin Guards


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  1. like u need more info bout the helemets,shields, spears +shoes, mabey even tunic’s cuz i know i weren’t good @ history and all but i do know some more than this!

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