UFO Witnessed In 1619, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

by Daniel Russ on April 2, 2012

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne



Christophorus Schere from Uri County witnessed a large bright light, cigar shaped and fiery in color flew along the lake. “As I was contemplating the serene sky by night, I saw a very bright dragon flying across from a cave in a great rock in mount Pilatus toward another cave, known as Flue, on the opposite side of the lake.”


“It’s wings agitated with much celerity; it’s body was long as well as ts neck and tail. It’s head was that of a serpent with teeth, sparkles were coming out of it like the ones thrown by an incandescent iron when struck by smiths on an anvil. At first I thought it was a meteor, but after watching closely, it was truly a dragon from the recognizable motion of its members.”


Source: Wonders In The Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times. Jacques Vallee, Chris Aubeck, Penguin Books. Photo: Flickriver.com



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