The Mig 8 “Utka”.

by Daniel Russ on February 23, 2012

MIG 8 Utka Expreimental Russian Aircraft MIG 8 Utka


Not every MIG was a fighter aircraft. One in particular was single engine high wing forward canard aircraft covered in cloth and configured with a pusher propeller. The idea was to discover the aeronautical characteristics of a forward canard on supersonic aircraft. The Mikoyan i Gurevich Design bureau also wanted to see how swept back wings performed with a canard wing.


Believe it or not, the flight characteristic of the “utka” or Duck helped develop the MIG 15. Powered by a radial engine, the test bed plane was kept flying by experimenters who enjoyed its characteristics so much that they shuttled back and forth from range to range.



Mig 8 Test Bed MIG 8


Source: History Channel,, Wikipedia



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