Alexis Casdagli’s Secret Message For Hitler.

Major Casdagli, British POW
Major Alexis Casdagli
79 year old Tony Casdagli spoke of his father, Royal Army Ordnance Corps Major Alexis Casdagli, who was taken prisoner in combat by Nazi troops between 1941 and 1945 in four separate camps. You see, his father taught himself embroidery just to keep his mind active. “He would say after the war the Red Cross saved his life, but his embroidery saved his sanity”.


Major Casdagli like all British officers knew Morse Code.  Six months after being held at Doseel-Warburg POW camp he collected disintegrating clothing with color threads and recovered the threads to sew them into his embroidery. His work was so good, the Germans had him give them lessons.


In the featured piece he hid the message “Fuck Hitler”.


He continued to sew until his death in 1990, at the age of 90.


British Major Alexis Casdagli's art work and hidden message




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  1. B. Drummond Ayres Jr.

    I’m trying to reach his son Tony Casdagli to tell him that a dear old friend here in the US is terminally ill. I’d be grateful if you could pass this message to him.
    Many thanks.

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