The Hafner Rotabuggy

The Hafner Rotabuggy developed by England in WWII
Hafner Rotabuggy


In 1942, British Army designers had the idea that one could assist troops on the ground with a jeep that was attached to an autogyro. Towed through the air, the Rotabuggy would glide down to the ground and the troops there would remove the auto gyro and voila, they had a Jeep. Raoul Hafner of R.Malcolm Ltd received a contract from the Air Ministry to develop the Special Rotating Wing Glider, or the Malcolm Rotaplane.


Hafner Rotabuggy developed in England in 1944
Hafner Rotabuggy


In Februray 1944, the Hafner Rotabuggy made a successful test flight, remaining fairly stable at speeds of 70 miles an hour and 400 feet in altitude. The project was abandoned despite the success as new glider that could carry Jeeps appeared in Royal Air Force inventories


The Haffner Rotabuggy
Hafner Rotabuggy


Hafner Rotabuggy


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